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The Scarlet Apex is a distortion damage permitted combat racing event in the video game Star Citizen that has been run annually since 2952.

Originally envisioned in the Murray Cup as a "Blitz" limited combat race, ARC has sanctioned its own emergent combat race ahead of the official debut with endurance racing roots.

The event welcomes any ship and skill level by providing multiple racing classes to choose from and is a truly multi-class racing experience where everyone races at the same time.

Distortion Damage Combat Race

Taotie (饕餮) multi-crew racing class consists of organizations or groups of friends capable of racing and signing up a fully armed and crewed Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead. In Chinese mythology the taotie is the most feared and all consuming demonic creature of the four evil spirits.

Taowu (梼杌) turret racing class is limited to two players maximum per team where one racer and a turret gunning crew member fly and distort the competition together as a combat racing duo. The taowu is a demonic tiger with four legs and two extra arms to grab and rip its pray apart.

Qiongqi (穷奇) duo racing class is for a pair of racers in two separate racing ships or a solo racer that just wants to go as fast as possible with a side and that very real risk of combat all around them. The qiongqi is another demonic tiger with wings, the fastest of the four evil spirits.

A Multi-Crew Racing Experience

One of ARC's key objectives is to encourage and implement the adoption of common regulations for all forms of endurance spaceship racing and series across the empire.

The Scarlet Apex has a detailed Racing Guide packed with event information and technical regulations that must be followed by all participants.

Quality Technical Regulations