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The Sim Cup is an Arena Commander racing tournament in the video game Star Citizen that was formerly known as the Crux Cup and became its own tournament in 2953.

The Crux Cup has been run annually since 2945 and evolved into a persistent universe race in 2952. By popular demand and following the release of a new SimPod update, ARC re-sanctioned the simulation racing tournament, improved upon it and gave it the new name of Sim Cup.

The event welcomes any ship and skill level by providing multiple racing classes to choose from.

Arena Commander Racing

ACRUX, AX2 and AX3 racing classes see the fastest pilots in the empire compete against each other in racing spec and classis ships.

AURORA racing class pilots fly any RSI Aurora with the challenge of racing at the same speed as each other.

HEAVY racing class gives industrial and logistic ship pilots a race to compete with each other.

OPEN racing class pilots are able to select any remaining ships not in dedicated racing classes, it is a great opportunity for anyone who just wants to fly their favourite ship for fun.

Arena Commander Racing

One of ARC's key objectives is to encourage and implement the adoption of common regulations for all forms of endurance spaceship racing and series across the empire.

The Sim Cup has a detailed Racing Guide packed with event information and technical regulations that must be followed by all participants.

Arena Commander Racing