Welcome to the Warpath Rally 2954. Whether you are here to race, crew, officiate or spectate, it is your support that keeps the Star Citizen community racing events healthy and active. Have fun, be kind to each other and thank you for your interest.

ANZIA Racing Committee

This racing guide is intended to provide racers and race officials a standard set of technical regulations which will be adhered to. The term race official refers to race officers, support crew, security and camera operators.

1. Introduction

Warpath Rally 2954 is a strategic ground combat endurance racing experience like no other!

Racing in the persistent universe, teams of 4 to 6 racers will compete in a mix of vehicles to score points by getting around the track, while trying to destroy competing vehicles to shut other team's progress down.

The event is a unique collaboration of multiple organizations and content creators working together to provide professional livestreams and commentary on the ANZIA Racing Twitch channel, and invites organizations to build racing teams of their own and fly their banners to see which community team is the fastest in the empire.

The race is located at Thunderclap Valley, a player designed course at Shubin Mining Facility SM0-18 in the Stanton System.

1.1 Race Guide Index

2. Quick Start
3. Ground Combat Racing Rules
4. Race Track
5. Incidents & Penalities
6. MIMOSA Star Award
7. Support Crew
8. Event Security
9. Race Officials

There are supporting roles you can sign up to even if you are not racing.

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2. Quick Start

2.1 Racing Classes

Racers will participate in teams of 4-6 players, divided as the team sees fit between 3-4 vehicles, selected from the following lists:

Warparth Rally Vehicle Selection

  • HEAVY Vehicle (1 per team)
    • Tumbril Nova
    • Anvil Ballista
    • Anvil Centurion
  • SUPPORT Vehicle (1 per team)
    • RSI Ursa
    • RSI Lynx
    • Anvil Spartan
    • Greycat ROC-DS
    • Tumbril Storm
    • Tumbril Storm AA
  • SCOUT Vehicles (1 or 2 per team)
    • Tumbril Cyclone
    • Tumbril Cyclone TR
    • Tumbril Cyclone MT
    • Tumbril Cyclone AA
    • Tumbril Cyclone RC
    • Tumbril Cyclone RN
    • Greycat STV
    • Greycat ROC
    • Greycat PTV
    • Drake Mule

You cannot sign up solo and must be in a team of at least 4-6 crew with 3 vehicles, and optionally bring 1 Race Engineer and 1 Race Team Captain.

2.2 Race Regulations

Warpath Rally has a detailed set of Ground Combat Racing Rules that must be followed by all participants.

Incidents are observed and recorded by Race Officials and may give you Penalties.

2.3 Event Sequence

To help you plan, these are the sequence of events.

2.3.1 Race Preparation, Set Your Spawn and Pre-Load Vehicles

At any point before the race, have your regeneration point set to a nearby location in the game.

Pre-load unlimited ground racing vehicles inside your vehicle transport ship of choice and if you have regeneration capabilities, have the ship that can provide your team personal regeneration also prepared and at the ready.

ANZIA Racing will provide a communal regeneration ship point that anyone can use if you do not have your own, but because it will see a lot of use, be prepared to fly back if something goes wrong with it.

2.3.2 T-1 hour, Discord Event Time and Party Launch

Be ready to receive your party invite from the race director in the main menu of Star Citizen.

1 hour before the race begins, or earlier if all participants are in the Star Citizen party, the race director will launch everyone into the game.

At this point you will have been given your starting grid position over Discord. All racers must make their way as quickly as possible to the starting grid.

If you arrive later than this point in the event you will not be granted entry to the race.

2.3.3 T-15 minutes, Race Briefing

The race director will brief the racers, support crew and staff on what is expected during the event and will take last minute questions you have on Discord.

2.3.4 T-0, Race Start

The race is scheduled to run for 90 minutes.

2.3.5 T+90 minutes, Race End

Once the 90 minutes race duration is up, the race and event will end.

Race Track

Name: Thunder Clap Valley

Location: SMO-18 Mining Outpost, microTech, Stanton System

Race Type: 20km Circuit, 90 Minute Point Based Race

Race Objective: Team victory, each vehicle on your team has a point value to it, score points for your team by completing a lap of the course.

  • HEAVY Vehicle = 4 points
  • SUPPORT Vehicle = 2 points
  • SCOUT Vehicle = 1 point

4. Ground Combat Racing Rules

All racers are expected to have read and understand the rules and technical regulations of the event. Questions regarding the rules and regulations should be presented to the race officials before the event.

4.1 Location

Warpath Rally 2954 will be held at Thunderclap Valley, a fan made ground race course on Microtech in the Stanton System. It will be held on the latest LIVE patch of Star Citizen. The race will be launched in the AUS region. All participants are advised to be landed, vehicles pre-loaded and ships ready at a nearby space station port.

4.2 Thunderclap Valley

Thunderclap Valley is a simple out-and-back course made up of 2 mandatory checkpoints. Racers must drive through both the designated checkpoints and will be observed by race officers.

Drivers may select any path they like across the terrain, as long as they successfully navigate both checkpoints in order each lap.

4.3 Type

The race type is a point based ground combat endurance race. Combat endurance races are full combat races where any vehicle mounted weapon is allowed and so is respawning to get back into the race if you are eliminated. It will be a 90 minute race.

Organizations will be limited to two team sign ups maximum.

4.4 Capacity

Due to the 110 player per server limit, races in the persistent universe will consist of the following party composition.

  • 80x racer slots, includes Racers and Gunners.
  • 20x Race Engineers and Race Team Captains slots.
  • The rest will be filled with race officers, service crew, camera operators and security.

4.5 Driving & Combat

Combat is waviered while racing and not an incident in the death race under the following conditions.

  • Any competing vehicle has passed the first checkpoint or 10 minutes of race time have elapsed.
  • You are not within the armistice zone at SM0-18 or within 500 meters of the Reclaimer checkpoint.
  • The race is under the Green Flag or Yellow Flag conditions.
  • If otherwise authorized by the Race Director to engage an external threat to the event.

Race officers, checkpoint observers, race timers, support crew, security and camera operators must stay clear of the path of the racers.

All participants are required to avoid causing racing incidents. Racing incidents will be observed and recorded by the race officers, see section Incidents for more details.

In the event of your character's death during the race, briefly voice your RSI Handle and the nature of the incident such as ".. Vehicle Destroyed", you may respawn and return to the track to rejoin the race. You must retrieve a vehicle that is in the same selection group as the vehicle you were previously racing in and matches your signed up crew seating.

4.6 Communications

Simply being part of the ANZIA Racing Discord is enough to participate, the only requirement is to be able to listen to race officer instructions during the race and respond to mentions in Discord chat before and after the race.

Race officers will ensure all participating racers are on their in-game friend list before the event begins. 1 hour before the event begins the race director or timer will add you to their party and launch everyone participating into a new server.

The race voice channel will enforce Push-To-Talk. When the race has begun, voice priority must be given to the race officers. Racers may briefly respond to the race officers, but should otherwise remain polite and respectful among the combined official and racer voice channel.

Should racers want their own team voice channel, we recommend layering in an additional VoIP application such as your mobile phone, Discord alt accounts, Guilded, TeamSpeak or Mumble to be running at the same time with separate bindings.

Unlimited use ANZIA Racing Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/h2feszV

4.7 Flag System

The following flag callouts are utilized by the race director:

  • "Green Flag"
    Normal racing conditions apply. A green flag is also called at the start of a race.
  • "Yellow Flag"
    There is currently danger on the track other than competing teams. Vehicles are able to engage any external threats to the race named by the Race Director.
  • "Red Flag"
    Race suspended or stopped due to imminent danger to competitors or spectators, or due to severe technical difficulties.
  • "Checkered Flag"
    The overall race leader has finished their final lap, remaining racers crossing the finish line complete their race too.
  • "Black Flag"
    A racer and their team is disqualified and must return to pits immediately.

4.8 Vehicle Modification & Starting Condition

All vehicles can be modified without restriction, but must start in their fully repaired condition with no parts broken off. If your vehicle is capable of equipping a shield generator, it must be equipped.

4.8.1 Vehicle Weapons

Any weapon that can be mounted or is intended for a combat vehicle is allowed.

Any FPS weapon is allowed. Loose, unsecure or unmounted objects are not allowed, but players riding in stable physic grids such as the base Cyclone cargo tray is allowed.

4.9 Racer Regeneration Point

Racers must set their regeneration point to their team regeneration platform ship or a nearby spaceport.

4.10 Parking

Racing teams must park their vehicle carrier and respawn ships separately.

The Race Engineer in charge of the team's vehicle carrier may park their ship in the designated track map area labelled "Race Team Parking".

The Race Team Captain in charge of the team's respawn ship may park their ship in the designated track map area labelled "Rejoin Parking".

Players rejoining the race via a spaceport carrying their either themselves or both themselves and their replacement vehicle must park in the designed track map area labelled "Rejoin Parking", power down their entire ship and abandon it for the salvage crew to clean up.

4.11 Race Engineer

The Race Engineer on a racing team is an optional role that may be included in a racing team's sign up. The role of the Race Engineer can be anything you want it to be except a crew member of the racing vehicles themselves, but here are a few recommendations ANZIA Racing has for you.

  • Be responsible for piloting your team's vehicle transport ship. The vehicle transport ship can be any ship that will hold all your race ready and prepared ground vehicles. We recommend going as big as you can on the transport ship, something like a C2 Hercules, but a C1 Spirit will do the job just fine too.
  • Monitor the live race standings and report the position of competitors in the race.
  • Prepare your ground vehicles for you at a suitable location nearby your vehicle transport ship. Have them drive or tractor your next vehicle out of the ship in front of your vehicle transport ship ready to go for you.

4.12 Race Team Captain

The Race Team Captain on a racing team is an optional role that may be included in a racing team's sign up. The role of the Race Team Captain can be anything you want it to be except a crew member of the racing vehicles themselves, but here are a few recommendations ANZIA Racing has for you.

  • Be responsible for piloting your team's regeneration platform ship. The regeneration platform ship can only be the Anvil Carrack or Origin 890J at this stage.
  • Monitor the live race standings and report the position of competitors in the race.
  • Prepare and have at the ready any FPS and survival supplies you need to sustain your racing team out in the field.

5. Incidents

Incidents will be reviewed through the combined race official video footage, streamed footage and other material evidence and will be judged by the race director and race officers.

We encourage racers to record their own footage as it will be helpful in determining how desync and other issues affected the incident, but it's not mandatory.

In the event of any incident that prompts you to press criminal charges, do not press charges against anyone in the event.

5.1 Types of Incidents

5.1.1 Incorrect Starting Location

Any of the penalties will be imposed on any racer who is judged to have left the starting grid area and their starting position.

5.1.2 Off Track

The track limit is defined on the track map as the "white line". The track also includes the pit lane defined as the "red line". A racer is defined to have left the track limits if:

  1. The race director deems that the racer has strayed too far from the course.
  2. The race director or race officiers are unable to locate the racer on the course.
  3. The racer drives into the infield section of the track.
  4. The racer does not maintain the specified line into the pit lane.

In the event of the above, the race director or an officer will issue a warning to the racer and direct the racer to rejoin the track limits. Continued violations may result in further penalties at the discretion of the race director and the officers. Details of penalties available to the race director to issue are noted in the penalties section.

5.1.3 Skipping Track

Racers are expected to navigate the course described by the track map. Each mandatory checkpoint must be navigated through end to end.

Failure to do so can result in the following penalties being issued by the race directors and their officers:

  1. A warning to the racer.
  2. The racer will be directed to repeat the checkpoint again and only after safely rejoining the track when other racing traffic has passed.
  3. The racer will be issued with a "pit lane pass through" which means they must serve extra time using the pit lane on their next lap.
  4. Continued violations may result in further penalties at the discretion of the race director and the officers. Details of penalties available to the race director to issue are noted in the penalties section.

5.1.4 Vehicle Destroyed

During the race, an accident may result in your vehicle being destroyed. In such an event, you will be able to rejoin the race as long as you can reclaim/retrieve your vehicle or a backup. The vehicle you retrieve must be of the same racing class you were racing in previously.

When rejoining the race, follow the pit lane in the direction of the race track and enter the track when it is safe to do so to continue your race.

If you are unable to retrieve your vehicle and are unable to continue (or do not wish to continue) please inform the race director and you will be marked as (DNF) Did Not Finish. If the vehicle was destroyed as part of a vehicle collision incident, penalties will be given to the offending vehicle at the discretion of the race director and race officers.

5.1.5 Weapon Abuse

Weapons can only be fired on racing vehicles after clearance has been given by the race director.

During Yellow Flag conditions the Race Director may authorize you to eliminate a threat to the racing event.

Penalties for such actions will be at the discretion of the race director and will depend on the severity of the incident in question. Details of penalties available to the race director to issue are noted in the penalties section.

5.2 Reporting of Incidents

Racers and officials are able to report race incidents to the race director which may have breached the rules of the event or created an incident. Reporting during the event should follow this format:

  1. The driver should communicate the incident briefly over the ANZIA Racing Discord voice chat or in the #incident-reports channel.
  2. The report should start with the vehicle / team / driver who is reporting the incident then followed by the offending vehicle / team / driver and nature of the incident and if possible the location of the incident. If submitted after the race, any of your own recorded footage (e.g. Team A, reports Team B for causing an intentional accident at the start/finish line).

Incidents are assessed by the race director and officers. Incidents will be assessed during the race and an appropriate action will be taken (details noted in the penalties section). Incidents can also be reviewed after the event. If penalties are applied for these incidents, a time penalty will be imposed on the racer's final race time.

If it is determined by the officials that no incident occurred or if there is a lack of evidence regarding the incident, no action will be taken.

A log of reported incidents and the actions taken will be made available after the race.

Decisions made by the race director during the race are final and must be followed by the affected participants. If not followed, additional penalties including disqualification can be applied.

Incidents that are the result of servers (desync) are unfortunately not able to be easily addressed and will be seen as a racing incident.

5.3 Penalties

The following penalties are available to the race director and officers. These penalties can be applied at their discretion.

5.3.1 Warning

A racer can be warned regarding their actions and reminded of the rules. If the racer receives multiple warnings, additional penalties can be applied. They are usually caused by small errors or unintentional breaches of the rules.

5.3.2 Repeat Checkpoint

Issued when a racer has skipped a mandatory checkpoint. If issued significantly after the mandatory checkpoint has been passed the racer will be asked to pass through the entire checkpoint twice (in a circle on the inside of the circuit). If unable to be completed before the end of the race an appropriate time penalty per class will be applied to the racer's finishing time.

5.3.3 Pit Lane Pass Through

The racer will be asked to to pass through the pit line and not make a pit stop. If unable to be completed before the end of the race an appropriate time penalty per class will be applied to the racer's finishing time.

5.3.4 Stop Go Penalty

The racer will be directed to hold position at the re-join officer and will only be allowed to continue the race on the direction of the race director or re-join officer. Time for this penalty will be determined by the nature of the incident and at the discretion of the officials.

5.3.5 Disqualification

Only used as a last resort. If a racer has shown a complete disregard for the rules they will be issued with a disqualification (DSQ).

5.3.6 Vehicle Disable

Used by race officials if a racer has breached the rules of armistice with Weapon Abuse.

5.4 Server Incidents

In the event of a replication layer server transfer failure (30000 Error or "30K") during the race, the race director will call "Red Flag" and the race will be restarted from scratch based on available race data. Race restarts due to 30Ks are limited to 3. If the race 30Ks for a third time, the current race will be rescheduled for another time.

6. MIMOSA Star Award

6.1 CRUX Star Award

A CRUX Star is a unique award at ANZIA Racing, they represent the four brightest stars in the southern cross star constellation in the southern hemispehere of Earth. Only one team and consistent players in that team are awarded a CRUX Star every year. They are awarded to the fastest team and best combat pilots or drivers after they have placed the highest in all relevant competitions and designated classes that year. The requirements to earn a CRUX Star award follow.

  • ACRUX Star, place highest in:
    • Crux Cup, ACRUX Class
    • Scarlet Apex, FCR-TURRET Class
  • GACRUX Star, place highest in:
    • Sim Cup, ACRUX Class
  • MIMOSA Star, place highest in:
    • Mountains of Mayhem, TECHNICAL Class
    • Anti-Gravity Racing League, ICARUS Class
    • Warpath Rally
  • IMAI Star, place highest in:
    • Sim Cup, ICARUS Class

7. Support Crew

The support crew team will be made of the following composition:

  • 2x Refuel/Repair Pit Crew
    Starfarer Pit Crew Teams
  • 6x Salvage Tractor Debris Crew
    Reclaimer/SRV Ship Tractor Operators
  • 4x Emergency Medical/Rescue Services
    First Responder C8R or Cutlass Red Crew

7.1 Track Limits

All support crew must only fly around the track limits out of the way of the racing line unless it is absolutely necessary for their job to go into the path of racers.

7.2 Refuel/Repair Pit Crew

Logistical and service minded players may volunteer for the pit crew role and must provide unbiased refuelling service to racers only in the fastest time possible.

Refueling Pit Crew must sign up together as a team of two with one of them owning a MISC Starfarer. Three Starfarers maximum are allowed in the field at one time and must park hovering just off pit lane.

Players can request their services by joining the Refuel voice channel to contact them.

7.3 Emergency Medical/Rescue Services

Medical and rescue minded players may volunteer for the EMS/EMT crew role and must provide unbiased medical and rescue assistance to participants of the event in the fastest time possible. An ANZIA EMS Director will assist with triage and dispatch management.

Emergency Medical/Rescue Service players can sign up solo or as a team of two and must own a ship with a medical bed such as the Anvil C8R or Cutlass Red.

Players can request their services by joining the EMS voice channel to contact them.

7.4 Salvage Tractor Debris Crew

Salvage and tractor operator players may volunteer for the debris crew role and must help clear ship debris from the track when it is safe to do so and with notification to the ANZIA Salvage Director.

Ship Tractor Crew sign up as solo ship operators that must own a ship with at least one S2 or S3 tractor beam such as an ARGO SRV, Vulture, 315p or as an Aegis Reclaimer team of two.

Players can request their services by joining the Salvage voice channel to contact them, for ground races they can be requested to help your racing vehicle get unstuck or flipped up right once again with their tractor beams.

While you can bring any ship with a tractor for the job, ANZIA Racing recommends the Argo SRV to work with a wide range of ground vehicles and their debris.

7.5 Role Go/No Go Check

While it is our intention to include new roles for the event such as Starfarers to refuel, there will be a go/no go check before the race begins to determine if their gameplay mechanics are fit for service in the race. If volunteer teams are given the no go signal, they will still be invited into their designated role positions as a presence in the race itself for the experience and show of readiness and still get shoutouts on stream!

7.6 ANZIA Director Authority

Three ANZIA Racing appointed Directors of Refuel, Salvage and EMS will be appointed to provided guidance and leadership to all organizations participating in the event.

Organizations and their supporting players should ask their relevant directors for help if they are unsure where to be or how they can help.

8. Event Security

The security team will be made of the following composition:

  • Any amount of Fighter and/or Multi-Crew Ships they wish to bring as the race defense crew. Organizations fill remaining server slots in the event.

8.1 Security

Combat and defense minded organizations may volunteer for event security and must provide radar intelligence to each other and communications with unauthorized players entering the event space. They must also bring top tier PvP skill and combat meta optimized spacecraft.

8.2 ANZIA Security Director Authority

One ANZIA Racing Security Director will be appointed to provided guidance and leadership to all organizations participating in the event.

Organizations and their players should ask the ANZIA Security Director for help if they are unsure where to be or how they can help.

9. Race Officials

The race official team will be made of the following composition:

  • 1x Race Director
    Above Track Position/Time Observer
  • 5x Race Officers
    Checkpoint Observers
  • 4x Race Camera Operators
    PoVs for Dedicated Streamers, Shoutcasters

In addition to this, a couple VoIP only race official helpers will assist with individual technical issues, lengthy guidance and moderation of the main event channels.

9.1 Record of Positions and Times

A minimum of two race officials must video record the event to help track racer positions.

  1. A view of the entire track and pits from above to observe/record party markers.
  2. On the start/finish line to record the line and tunnel itself.

9.2 Record of Incidents

Race officers are required to video record their assigned checkpoints.

9.3 QT Re-join Marker

One race officer will be assigned as the QT Re-join Marker for the event location for rejoining the race from a spaceport or further away via quantum travel.