Following success in the Stanton system, ANZIA Racing went on to strike a deal with Hurston Dynamics. A brand new race track was commissioned and named Gold Dust for use in the upcoming 2954 Crux Cup.

Spectrum mobiCaster

\\ Records

Herald, 0h 1m 18s 590ms by Tint

Fury LX, 0h 1m 42s 060ms by CMDR_Kalibar

Razor LX, 0h 1m 53s 160ms by Jakodin

P-52 Merlin, 0h 1m 53s 610ms by Funky_Citizen Leaderboard

// Track Guide

Location: Lorville, Hurston, Stanton System

Type: Endurance

Length: 55.7km

Difficulty: Medium

Ships: All