The workers of Lorville offshore geothermal plants often used gravlev transportation over the seas. One plant, Moe Thermus, hosted races around its vast drilling rig platforms and in 2953, ANZIA Racing arrived to support the local gravlev racing scene.

ANZIA Racing


Nox, 0h 3m 30s 233ms by GerboTheGnome

Pulse LX, 0h 3m 38s 500ms by HeyyItsNick

HoverQuad, 0h 3m 59s 850ms by Dude3D

X1 Force, 0h 4m 38s 000ms by arcticgamez Leaderboard

Track Guide

Location: Lorville City Ocean, Hurston, Stanton System

Type: Circuit

Length: ??km

Difficulty: Medium

Vehicles: All Gravlev Vehicles