Once a security training field, the location was abandoned and later sold to ARC in 2952 who converted the cable linked roids into a combat race track. A racing series of the same name was created and became the Scarlet Apex where racers are distortion weapon enabled to fight and race their way to the finish line.

Spectrum mobiCaster

\\ Records

Fury LX, 0h 1m 13s 270ms by DekuDes

Razor LX, 0h 1m 22s 550ms by Kyrexi

Vanguard Sentinel, 0h 1m 43s 470ms by H3rbie

Mustang Alpha, 0h 1m 46s 650ms by Fedakol

Hurricane, 0h 2m 22s 533ms by RIZ_e

P-72 Archimedes, 0h 1m 14s 033ms by Shacknu

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// Track Guide

Location: Near GrimHex, Yela, Crusader, Stanton System

Type: Combat

Length: 13km

Difficulty: Easy

Ships: All

\\ Map


  • Cable 1 - Start/Finish - Turn 1: (110/-26, 85/-48)
  • Straight 1: 3km
  • Cable 2 - Turn 2: (265/49, 140/-43)
  • Straight 2: 2.8km
  • Cable 3 - Turn 3: (324/41, 115/65)
  • Straight 3: 2.2km
  • Cable 4 - Turn 4: (295/25, 305/-63)
  • Straight 4: 5km

// 3D Map


// Start/Finish


When submitting a run to SCR.gg, pass through the red dashed "gate".