An exhilarating vehicle circuit, Shiro Park is designed to tour you around the most beautiful sections of New Babbage city. The race track is a prototype undergoing testing for a future ground racing event.

Spectrum mobiCaster

\\ Records

HoverQuad, 0h 6m 54s 233ms by GerboTheGnome

Nox, 0h 6m 31s 130ms by Ludox3997 Leaderboard

\\ Records

Cyclone RC, 0h 9m 13s 780ms by H3rbie Leaderboard

\\ Records

Nova, 0h 9m 45s 790ms by ProfDecoy

ROC, 0h 9m 3s 833ms by GerboTheGnome

Ursa Rover, 0h 9m 18s 620ms by H3rbie Leaderboard

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// Track Guide

Location: New Babbage, microTech, Stanton System

Type: Circuit

Length: 38km, ??km, ??km

Difficulty: Medium

Vehicles: Any ground vehicle