A popular family run restaurant Super Dragon delivers tofu in the far outskirts of Gate 4. Unbeknownst to the father, the son and daughter of the establishment practiced their flying skills with the C8X Pisces delivery ship.

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\\ Records

Fury LX, 0h 4m 52s 020ms by CMDR_Kalibar

F7C Hornet, 0h 5m 21s 283ms by Splen

C8X Pisces Expedition, 0h 6m 46s 590ms by K0lb0sa

400i, 0h 8m 15s 200ms by Quelsar

350r, 0h 6m 44s 033ms by greentaco

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// Track Guide

Location: Lorville, Hurston, Stanton System

Type: Checkpoint

Length: 123.7km

Difficulty: Medium

Vehicles: Any ship with 1 SCU of cargo grid plate or any of the Mirai Fury series.